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One on One Personal Consulting Service   

Charge:  $45.00 for 30 minutes

Sometimes all the information contained on this website just doesn't apply to your unique situation.  At these times you may need one on one support.  Please include your phone number and the best time for me to call after placing your order.
Dan O'Connell

Demographic Report  

Charge: $50.00 per demographic report.

Demographic analysis around a proposed location will allow a tenant to understand the customer base makeup of their site 

To receive a demographic report, send us an email or fill out the form and submit it to retailcriteria.com.

retailcriteria.com can run a demographic report for your specific location.  The demographic will be run in a measurement of a 1, 3 and 5 mile ring around your prospective site.  Within these rings, retailcriteria.com will include the following information in a report format.  We will also include a map showing the 1, 3 and 5 mile rings with the surrounding cities/towns, roads and shopping centers.

If different rings are requested, like 5, 10, 20 miles or 1, 2, 3 miles, they will be prepared upon request for the same $50.00 charge.

      (presented and projected growth or decline percentages)

      (presented and projected growth or decline percentages)

   Ethnicity and Race
      (breakdown within the defined trade area)

   Household Incomes
      (breakdown within the defined trade area)

   Latitude and Longitude

   Additional minor criteria also

Location! Location! Location!  

If you would like a list of the centers in your area, provide us with the county(ies) name.  For each available county throughout the United States you will receive the following information:

Center Listing   

Charge:  Sold by county, state @ $1.00 per shopping center listed.  

   Center Name
   Center Address, City, State and Zip
   Landlord or Representative Name
   Landlord or Representative Address, City, State and Zip
   Landlord or Representative Phone and/or Fax (if available)
   Total Square Footage (GLA)
   Anchors (if available)
   Existing tenants (if available)

Tenant Rent Formula    

 Charge: $150.00 per selected use.

Every retailer in America must project the sales potential of a location prior to discussing or committing to a rent structure.

Each retailer dedicates a certain percentage of their projected sales to the landlord occupancy expense which includes base rent, CAM (Common Area Maintenance), taxes, insurance and percentage rent.  This landlord occupancy does not include utilities such as water, sewer, gas and electric charges which are billed separately.

retailcriteria.com has the ability to research your proposed type of business (once selected by you) and provide you with a typical occupancy structure for your “use” or business based on the type of retail location you are targeting.

For example, if you were considering opening a dry cleaning business. The median size is typically 1,500 square feet.  The median sales are $121.00 per square foot or $181,000 annually and the median sale rent occupancy is $14.55 per square foot plus $1.44 in prorata charges for community shopping centers that are approximately 150,000 square feet in size.

retailcriteria.com has over 175 tenant classifications in our database which allows us to provide this service.

Real Estate Attorney

Charge: Normally will not exceed $3,000.00.

retailcriteria.com does not have Attorneys on staff at this time but can provide you with a licensed Attorney with extensive experience in all areas of the real estate and franchising arena.  Our contacts have represented many of the nations largest retail chains.  Send us an email or complete the form and submit it to retailcriteria.com We will introduce you to a professional Real Estate or Franchise Attorney.


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