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Relocation Variables
Landlord Requested Relocation Variables

Depending on the size of the retail shopping center you are targeting, your Landlord may request you to accommodate a relocation clause in your lease form. On first blush, you may think this is a totally unacceptable request. BUT, keep in mind, the stronger the Landlord makes the shopping center, the more traffic will come to the center and hopefully the higher volume and profit you as the Tenant will generate. This is the proper mindset when addressing this relocation request provision.

The variables below were included to make the tenant aware of items which should be considered when addressing this provision. For example, as the Tenant you can “hatch” or predetermine an acceptable area in the center which you would be willing to be relocated to.


As the Tenant you can include a clause that restricts the Landlord to only relocating you once during your term.


You can limit the relocation period to January to September to avoid any disruption of the Christmas Sales Season.

The following list is self explanatory but if you have any questions please email retailcriteria.com

bullet Relocation required in existing lease
bullet Right to terminate or relocate in existing lease
bullet Is alternate location in center acceptable?
bullet Landlords work defined
bullet Landlord sense of urgency
bullet End of term in existing lease
bullet Sales reporting lease required
bullet Current and past sales trend
bullet Current rent structure vs. current market rates
bullet Alternate center equal to, or more desirable
bullet Landlord requested timeline for relocation
bullet Tenant emotionally willing to switch centers
bullet Timeframe availability of alternate center space
bullet Tenant willing to accept cash amount to terminate
bullet Downtime value to be determined
bullet Lost sales to be determined
bullet Employee turnover due to downtime



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