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Rejection Letter   

If the Landlord tries to turnover a Vanilla Shell that does not conform to the construction exhibit in the lease, the Tenant may reject the space.Below is a sample of a rejection letter that can be sent to the Landlord:


Tenant Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number

Fax Number


Rejection Letter

(Sent via Fax or Certified Mail)


Landlord Name
Landlord Address
Landlord City, State, Zip

Reference:Leased Premises at: (Shopping Center Name)

Dear (Landlord Name)

Tenant hereby rejects turnover of the leased premises as previously scheduled on (Date), for the following reasons:

(List All Reasons Clearly)

Turnover shall not be deemed to have occurred until the above items have been remedied and the Landlord receives an Acceptance Letter from tenant.Please respond to this letter in writing when the Landlordís work has been completed and note that our contractor has accessed us a change order for a wasted trip.If the Landlordís work is not completed after the revised turnover date, tenant will charge back Landlord for any and all reasonable costs of our general contractor.


(Tenant Representative)





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