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New Space Variables

Once you have narrowed down the search to a few prime location candidates, there are specific variables that should be considered.  This section of the retailcriteria.com's website, was included to share a list of variables that most national tenants consider when selecting a specific space.

No single shopping center or free-standing location has all the qualities of a “perfect location”.  By using the list provided below, you should be able to prioritize the available locations you’re considering.

The bullet points should be self-explanatory but in the event you have a question, please contact us. 

bullet Visibility of Space
bullet Accessibility of space
bullet Store Size
bullet Store Frontage
bullet Sign Band Visibility
bullet Store Depth
bullet Column Placement
bullet Base Rent
bullet Pro Rata Charges
bullet Percentage Rent/Breakpoint
bullet Length of Term of Lease
bullet Tenant Options to Extend Lease
bullet Option Notification Deadline
bullet Rent Start Date
bullet Free Rent Period
bullet Tenant Construction Time
bullet Landlord Improvements to Space
bullet Tenant Allowance
bullet Custom Utility Capacity Needed
bullet Space Available Timeline
bullet Current Tenant Vacates Timeline
bullet Landlord Penalty for Turnover Delay
bullet Cotenancy Clause
bullet Exclusive for Center
bullet Relocation Clause Deleted
bullet Relocation Clause Customized
bullet Use Clause Versatile Enough for Lease Term
bullet Landlord Restrictions on Use Clause
bullet Hours of Operations
bullet Landlord Mandated Advertising Deleted
bullet Landlord Radius Restriction Deleted
bullet Sales Performance Clause





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